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Join today and start with our free Classic-tier membership. You are eligible to become a Gold Member once you have stayed the equivalent of 15 nights at participating Leisure Inn or Park Regis properties. Each level of membership helps you build rewards faster and enjoy more benefits with selected bonus offers exclusive to Gold Members.

StayWell Rewards Member-Tiers and Benefits

Membership Level
Classic Card
Free Membership
Gold Card
Earn 25% bonus points
Points1 USD$ 1.00 = 10 points USD$ 1.00 = 10 points, Plus 25% bonus USD$ 1.00 = 10 points, Plus 50% bonus
Qualification 1-14 room nights (app works as membership card) 15 nights in a consecutive 12-month period 20 nights in a consecutive 12-month period
Bonus points   25% bonus 50% bonus
Purchase points  CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark
Transfer points3 CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark
On-property program ambassador CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark
Access StayWell Hotels account on the web CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark
Make online reservations for all StayWell Hotels properties CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark
Exclusive members-only offers CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark
Early check-in (12:00 p.m.)5   CheckMark CheckMark
Late check-out (4:00 p.m.)5   CheckMark CheckMark
Upgrade to next best room category at no charge5   CheckMark CheckMark
Complimentary access to Fitness & Wellness Centre6   CheckMark CheckMark
Priority reservations     CheckMark
Special welcome amenity (specific items)     CheckMark
Complimentary access to Executive Lounge7     CheckMark
  1. Based on U.S. Dollars after currency conversion.
  2. In a Consecutive 12-month period.
  3. Family member or friend needs to be a member of StayWell Rewards.
  4. Based on availability. If the reserved room type is not available at check-in, or in the event room upgrades are not available, you will receive an upgrade to the best room available - Upgrade excludes suites.
  5. Based on room availability.
  6. Fitness Center access is not available at all hotels worldwide
  7. Lounge access is not available at all hotels worldwide.
For complete details, please see the membership Terms & Conditions.