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Redeem for 30,000 points

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Redeeming an Award Night is easy.
Simply search for a hotel as you would for a standard reservation. In the hotel search results, you will notice that when you move your mouse cursor over the room price, the system will show you the number of StayWell Rewards Points required for an Award Night (see image to right). When you are ready to confirm your reservation, simply follow the normal online booking process and the website will prompt you for the option to apply your StayWell Rewards points towards an Award Night redemption.

Redeem an Award Night with StayWell Rewards points Redeem an Award night:points Award Night:
Award Night:
Award Night:
Award Night:
Award Night:
Award Night:
Award Night:
Award Night:
Award Night:
Total Points to Redeem 24,000 No thanks, I will save my points

Redeem Your Points for an Award Night

While you are completing for your booking, on the Payment page, you will be given the opportunity to redeem an Award Night with StayWell Rewards points.

To choose an Award Night, simply tick the check-box for the date(s) that you would like to select for redemption. You can designate any of the nights during your stay as Award Nights (up to the number of points in your account), and Award Nights do not need to be consecutive dates.

Also, any promotions that you are currently eligible for will be reflected automatically in each Award Nights point requirements.

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